Our Story and Services

Fresh Air Ducts is synonymous with fresh air at home in Atlanta, Georgia. Our company started to quench the passion for keeping the surroundings clean. Guided by the commitment to help our clients live in safer houses, we offer deep air duct cleaning in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our methods are safe. We do not use any chemicals that can harm your family or your pets. We will walk you through our process to ensure you are aware of everything we will do. We carry out the duct cleaning process in four steps; inspect the air ducts, use special tools to dislodge dirt, vacuum out the dirt, and then flush the ducts with compressed air. We might also use organic biocides to kill any microbiological organisms.

We have served the residents of Atlanta, Georgia for more than five years now and we are proud to say that we have made families happy.

Our Technicians and Tools

At Fresh Air Ducts, Atlanta, GA, we pride in our technicians. Before joining Fresh Air Ducts, most technicians worked in carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, and home cleaning, or specialized in any other aspect of home cleaning. Granted, they have the experience to leave your air ducts clean and safe and ensure that the air quality in your home is great. Combined, the technicians have more than 50 years of experience – just what the doctor ordered for your home.

We have a range of cleaning tools and equipment to handle every part of your heating and cooling system. We have brushes, HEPA-filtered vacuum, duct inspection cameras and so many other tools to get the job done.

Call us today at (770) 799 8994 in Atlanta, Georgia, and we will have your air ducts clean in no time.

The air duct systems in your home are contaminated with dust, pollen, and so much debris if not cleaned for a long time






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